Mirrors, Feminism, and Commitment Phobia

So a few days ago I saw this post at Dans le Townhouse about a feminist mirror project and was super inspired. What a fabulous way to remind yourself everyday that beauty is a social construct.

Of course, this project involved ordering a stencil for use and spray paint–which is only one option for aspiring mirror decorators. Etching was actually my first thought when I saw the mirror, and the internet has plenty of easy to follow tutorials for etching mirrors and creating stencils yourself, like this one from the no longer updating Awe of Small. Or, if you’re commitment phobic (hey, some of like options, right?), you could invest in a slightly less permanent method, like vinyl lettering. Still too permanent?

Well then, I’ve got a tutorial for you.

You will need:
1 dry erase marker
1 mirror

Take your dry erase marker and double-check that you did not grab a permanent marker instead. Once you’re assured it’s dry erase, go ahead and write (or draw) all over your mirror. If you mess up or change your mind, grab a towel and erase. (*I’ve done this numerous times. The mirror will not be permanently affected in any way. Unless you skipped step 1 and used a sharpie.)

(Alright, so my message is a little self promotional.)

Most of all, no matter what your message is, have fun with it!




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