julies blog: My Jedi Quiet Book


This is the best thing ever! My Jedi Quiet Book made by Juliebell.  It has  some Star Warz themed simple activities in it to keep a toddler (or someone like me) busy and quiet. She also made a Star Trek one but doesn’t have a pattern available for it yet in her Etsy shop. SO GOOD!

Description of activities from the Etsy listing:

– Helping Leia untie her chain.
– Un-zipping the Dagobah forrest to see Yoda.
– un-velcro-ing the death star to help your star wars finger puppet friends.
– Helping Luke learn to use his sword.
– Snapping C3P0 back in place.
– Destroying enemy ships
– Trying on Luke’s robot hand

Read her blog entry about making The Jedi Quiet Book with pics.
Check it out and buy the pdf instruction manual: julies blog: My Jedi Quiet Book.

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