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I’m having internet overload. Too much is happening in the computer and outside it! I’ve had a very busy summer and now we’ve bought a house. A fixer, like that will make my life simple! And I’ve started school AND I’ve reduced the amount of childcare per week. I know, it makes no sense AT ALL.

Around the middle of summer I had to decide to cut back on sewing and crafting. It was a very hard decision but something had to go. I’m hoping that once we move I’ll get back into it, although I am NOT vending this holiday season at Bazaar Bizarre SF. I have aspirations for sewing myself like 4500 dresses from all my vintage patterns. Speaking of which, have you checked out Sew Weekly? It’s newish project by Mena Trott of Typepad fame and she is sewing her whole wardrobe from mostly vintage patterns and thrifted materials.

My sister, Liz Henry‘s keynote speech at BlogHer this year mentions Mena and how watching her try to describe knitting on year at a tech conference eventually made her realize that knitting and crafting are actually totally geeky and worthwhile.

Is there a point when you have ever had to put down your crafting stuff for any length of time?

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    Oh yeah. Right now I’m studying my arse off: every spare minute should be directed towards getting my final qualifications finished, so that i can get back on with my life. It has been really hard, as I’ve had to give up just about everything I love doing, including crafting. I really need some new clothes, but I just have to buy them, which is leading to major wardrobe boring-ness (I’m a plus size) and the clothes I want for my kids I’m just going to have to put on hold for a while. I have three skirts cut out, a bunch of knitting half-started (that will never be finished as it is now spring) and the only stuff I get to do is so limited: t-shirt designs from iron-on prints from the computer is about all I allow myself time for. I’d also really like to make some wagons or carriages for my son’s excellent pedal car/ambulance that my dad made for him: I have the spare lumber just sitting in the shed waiting for me. It is driving me crazy!!

    And, yes, I should be studying. Like RIGHT NOW.

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