Etsy Summer Tour 2009: Coming Soon!

Etsy Summer Tour 2009: Coming Soon!

Etsy is going on tour this summer and (hopefully) coming to a city near you. This gives them and the sites users a great way to meet and interface, forums are great (actually, I hate them) but meeting face to face for some IRL interaction can’t be beat.


Spring is here, and we’re packing up our craft show suitcases once again for another exciting season touring around the U.S. (and maybe beyond!). We’ll be hanging out at conferences, fairs and festivals, and even setting up our own meet-ups so we can chat with you this summer. Various smiling Etsy Admins will man tents, give away goodies, and listen to your Etsy stories and ideas, so if you happen to be in any of the fine cities below, please come by and introduce yourself!

Check the Storque article to get more info.

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