8 Ideas For Colorful Craft Booth Displays


Craft fairs seem to be a big hit amongst  DIY-ers, and it is always fun to support others in their crafting journey.  However those of us who like to display our crafts in the fairs, know that it can sometimes be more work preparing for the show, than anything.  We put so much time and effort into creating such wonderful products, and sometimes don’t think much about how your work will be displayed.  Today we have brought you 8 ideas to bring some color into your Craft Booth Display, and help your products become that much more eye catching.


 1- Colorful Pennant Banner from Urban Farm Girl and Co


2- Sugar Bee Craft Fair Booth from Sugar Bee Crafts


3- Coral and Teal Ruffle Backdrop from Joy’s Hope


4- Lovely Lemon Craft Booth from The Lovely Lemon


5- Bright Colored Craft Display from Ginger Cake


6- Doodlebug Designs Craft Booth from My Only Sunshine


7- Funky Vintage Lovely Booth from April Kennedy Style


8- Pink Ladder Display from Pink Buckaroo Designs

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