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Virtual Craft Shows

Have you heard about virtual craft fairs? It’s an idea that’s gaining ground in with many crafters who sell online, as a way to promote their products in the increasingly crowded global markets. Virtual craft fairs work via networking and newsletters, promoting a group of artists and crafters who sell complimentary items, to all of their visitors and followers, connecting people who like handmade gifts and items with those who make them in smaller, easily shoppable groups. The nice thing about virtual craft fairs is the lack of booth fees, a cost that has increased dramatically in the recent years. The fairs direct traffic to the online presence you already have, so there’s no extra work or time involved beyond promoting it through your networks. You can read more at Southernly Haute or on the Creative Income Blog.


  1. says

    Thank you sooo much for the shout out.
    I will be ready for artist to start signing up next week.
    Doing it in a way I have yet to see a virtual craft fair done.
    It will operate on a Co-Op principle and with members helping build our newsletter sign up they will have access to e-mails that ok’ed for their e-mails to be shared with their favorite art choices. It is going to be Awesome!!!!!


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