How to Build your own Lightbox – Sculpt University

Light Box Tutorial

Here’s one to help out everyone looking to sell their crafts online or apply for juried shows. Sculpt University has a free article on how to create a lightbox to take pictures in. Light boxes, light tents, or soft boxes as they’re called by professionals, create soft glow and a plain background to photograph your crafts on. Using the box eliminates harsh glares and shadows and gives your work a certain crispness. And it couldn’t be cheaper or easier using this method–the majority of it is constructed out of a cardboard box. Check out the tutorial here.


  1. Theresa says

    Free article?? I couldn’t find it. Went to the website and they said you have to start a membership to gain access to any articles/videos on the site. Only $60 for the first month!!!

  2. says

    Hi Theresa!

    If you click “how to create a lightbox” within the post, you should be redirected to the article. Sculpt University is a site where they offer videos for a monthly paid subscription, but this is in the freebies section.

    Thanks for reading!


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