New Takes on Macrame

Sally England Macrame

Crafts have serious history, just like people. And just like people, sometimes it’d be nice to forget what that craft looked like back in the seventies. Like Macramé. The words brings up memories of those thin booklets from the seventies on how to make plant holders, or of summer camp friendship bracelets. But like most crafts, there are crafters taking this old school method and making beautiful and modern things. Like artist Sally England, who creates large scale pieces for décor and exhibitions. While not so different from the seventies incarnations, her pieces, like the room divider above, speak to a modern aesthetic and feel at home with pieces from favorite brands like Anthropologie.

If you’re interested in trying out (or picking back up) the throwback craft, then check out these links.

California Home and Design rounded up 5 new takes on Macramé, including Sally England, a famous MOMA piece, and funky hotel décor.

Free macramé patterns offers exactly what is claims to–both newer takes and older patterns, with various knots from different times and cultures. They also have some great patterns for kids and beginners.

Pinterest has some great boards to look at, including this one, compiled by retailer West Elm. A quick search of “Macramé” on the site yields tons of inspiring pins as well.

And if you want to see some in action, check out WikiHow’s guide in GIFs.




  1. Debbie says

    Thanks for these links and the article. Macrame has always been a great outlet for home-made therapy for me. I learned macrame way back in junior high school and fell in love with it then. Over the years I’ve made various items, but as it fell out of favor, supplies have become scarce.

    I think I’ll try to put together a couple of small projects this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. says

    As always I soo enjoy the stories you find to share and I care so there for I share:)
    It is high time Macrame makes a comeback. I love it!!!That chair was amazing!!!

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