3D Modular Origami Tutorials for Beginners

3D origami for beginners

Yesterday I featured some amazing art created using Chinese 3D Modular origami methods. Called block folding origami, Golden Venture folding, and 3D modular origami, there are a lot of resources out there about it, but they’re scattered across the internet. If you’re interested in learning how to create art using this technique, then I’ve rounded up some tutorials to help you out.

Wonder How To has a great selection of Origami tutorials including this video that shows you how to make the basic modules in clear easy steps.

If you’re like me and prefer pictures to video, then Krysteanuh’s instructable on how to make a Modular Origami Swan is a great choice. Even if you’re not interested in making a swan, the directions are precise and the photographs walk you through step by step.

Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll want to check out Paper Unlimited for some cute mini projects to build your skills.

And of course, if you’d like to jump in and make a lot of beautiful products, you can check out the book, 3D Origami: Step by Step Illustrations.

Have you worked with this technique before and have a favorite tutorial I didn’t mention? Leave a link in the comments.

Image Credit: Folded module from 3D Origami, photographed by Yoko Ishiguro.


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    Hi Jeanne! That’s an excellent point; origami originated in Japan, not in China. However, this specific style of origami is most closely associated with China, and differs from traditional Japanese origami enough that the Japanese call it block folding origami.

    Thanks for reading!


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