Carved Gourd Lamps – Przemek Krawczy?ski

Calabarte Gourd Lamp

Gourds are always a popular canvas for different craft projects. But I’ve never seen anything like Polish artist Przemek Krawczy?ski’s carved gourd lamps. Each lamp is unique, hand carved, and has a halogen bulb inside that projects the designs onto nearby surfaces. This is beyond a clever lighting fixture and into the realm of art pieces. As the Calabarte site explains, “Creating gourd lamps requires patience and precision at every stage of the work – to begin with shaping the idea in my mind, initial sketches, outlining the pattern, and, finally, the processing of the gourd: engraving, painting, shaping, puncturing and refining the pattern till the base is ready and the lamp can be finally formed. It takes from 1,5 to 2 months to create a single lamp.” That kind of dedication makes the finished product even more amazing. You can see all the beautiful examples here.

Spotted on inthralled.


  1. Shari Harniss says

    $3000 per lamp. Yowza! Handcrafted and beautiful, to be sure. Rather steep for my pocket book!

  2. says

    All the time that must go into creating such beauty from a simple gourd. I read on his site he makes only one of a design! Beautiful work.

  3. kitblu says

    My antivirus software would not open Calabarte. I am happy to find Inthralld, though!

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