Cube 3D Printer for Home Use

Cube 3D printer

Have you ever wished that a design you drew could just be printed into 3D? We’re not quite there in technology yet, but we’re getting closer, especially with tools like the Cube 3D Home Printer. The Cube takes computer model files, like the kinds used in computer aided drafting, and then prints them into life by laying layer upon layer of thin plastic until it’s built up into your design. Even though learning to build computer models and then affording the Cube will stop many of us from delighting in it, the realization of advanced printing technology in our homes is something to cheer about. After all, computers themselves were once prohibitively expensive and difficult to learn and now they’re a major part of our lives. You can learn more about the Cube here.

Spotted on Enpundit.


  1. Cat Stru says

    This was on world news tonight. Its not a good thing. The news said this would enable people to “print out” a working plastic gun, of their choice, and no one would know who ownes it ! Also it could be used to make ammo,knives and other weapons. Grenade housings etc……
    To bad it wouldn’t be use to print out shoes and blankets and coats and other items to help people rather then harm them.

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