Doodler App – Alec Hess/Full Voice Media

Alec Hess is on a mission–a mission to allow everyone with a iPad or iPhone to learn to draw through the device they already have with them at all times. His app, Doodler, is a comprehensive learn to draw program that teaches you to draw by having you draw your way through lessons, battle others in Doodle Duels, and lets you share those doodles in a way similar to instagram. It’s not just for beginners though. Doodler also features an intuitive free paint mode that offers most of the benefits an experienced digital artist would want–layers, opacity settings, brush variety, swatches, and etc.

But this mission needs your help. The Doodler App team needs to raise $12,000 to get the app up and running and into your hands. Learn more about (I suggest checking out the videos) or check out how you can help here on Kickstarter. Need to hear more before you decide? Hear it from Alec himself:

“I’m creating a mobile app that makes getting better at drawing and digital art as enjoyable as playing angry birds. As I’ve always loved helping people learn to draw, and since we all spend hours fiddling around and killing time on our phones and tablets, I realized that if I could turn these devices into a drawing school of sorts, people could actually cultivate a skill while waiting for a late friend or sitting through a boring meeting. As a life-long crafter and chronic doodler it’s an honor to have a project featured on craftgossip, please support our kickstarter so we can get this out there: This is an app about teaching, creating, and, ultimately, sharing art.”

Take a moment and check it out!

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