DIY Screen Printing Kit – Your DIY Print Shop

I am in love with Your DIY Print Shop. It’s the kind of love where I fell hard and fast from the moment I laid eyes on the box their goods come packaged in and everything I read only made me happier. Your DIY Print Shop is the result of collaboration between two businesses with indie roots: Ryonet and Print Liberation. Basically, they want to help you get your start, by selling you EVERYTHING you need to start screen printing in one super awesome box. And by everything, I mean everything–from the press, squeegee, and ink, to the screen, the emulsion, and the light you’ll need to expose your design, not to mention everything you’ll need to keep it clean and working. And they include a DVD, explaining how all the steps come together to create perfect prints of your design–either on tees or on posters. And it’s competitively priced, around the same as it’d cost you to pick up a far less customizable system. If you’ve been waiting to jump into actual screen printing, this is the moment to do it–or at least let everyone in your life know you’d like it as a present. I’d certainly love one!


  1. Nick says

    Awesome! loooooove!!! I’ve been looking for a good screen printing kit, there never seems to be one on the market! And this website is beautiful too!

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