Leather Steampunk Gauntlet – Deadlance

Want something that will knock the socks off of everyone at that Halloween get together? How about a custom-made Steampunk Leather Gauntlet by Deadlance on Etsy. Full articulation including the fingers make this a serious costume piece. And the attention to detail and design aesthetic will make it look like you stepped straight out of a steampunk film. It may be a little late to order one for this Halloween, but you can keep it in mind for next year or check out some of the already finished pieces in Deadlance’s Etsy shop.


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    WoW! I’m super honored to have been featured! I didn’t even know about this website but a friend of mine just saw this and told me I was posted over here and sent me the link! This is way cool of you to have done! I really appreciate the recognition!

    You can also see my work on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/deadlancesteamworks

    I occasionally have coupon codes and often times post lots of my work on Facebook!

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    Deadlance is part of Airship Horizons. You can find him (and our Airship) on Facebook. We do go to conventions – I think Emerald City Steampunk Expo is our next one.

    This was a great surprise to us! It’s nice to see the appreciation of his work. You wrote a very lovely article! Thank you!

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