Super Cute Backpack Roundup!

It might be a little late to order these for the first day of school, but I can’t help but share these adorable backpacks! These crafted bags would make a child’s first day of school way more fun. Want to see more, check out the backpack tag on Etsy.

1. Large Child’s Backpack Lunch Bag Red MushroomPiggledee

2. Strawberry Toddler Backpack MakaiBoutique

3. Kids Blue Shark Backpackagoodlifedesigns 

4. Robot BackpackBobotz



  1. Lorien says

    I really hate when people put things like no2 on etsy. It’s not handmade, it’s not vintage and it’s not a supply – it’s a mass produced product. These backpacks are all over my local equivalent of “1$ shops”, and you can easily buy them for a fraction of that price on ebay. They’re also awful in quality, so please beware.

    On the contrary, no1 is so cute! Makes me want to make bentos for everyone. And no4 is simply awesome. It’s shark week all year with that thing!

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