Sweetie Pie Bakery: Eco Friendly Newspaper Gift Wrapping

Sweetie Pie Bakery has a nice round up of eco friendly wrapping/labeling options. Although a lot of them seem to be about wrapping stuff in newspaper and that means you would have to buy a newspaper… Fabric is always a better option!!!

These are all very pretty though!

I’m planning on wrapping presents tonight and I can’t wait to get out all the scarves we’ve been using over the past couple of years. I might also sew up some wrapping fabric from my scrap stash. If the four corners all have a strip of velcro that night be neat. I’ll experiment!

Sweetie Pie Bakery: Eco Friendly Newspaper Gift Wrapping.

Check out Sweetie Pie Bakery on Etsy! She’s got some great felt food for sale!


  1. Rosa Marie says

    I always wrap my grand son`s presents in the funny paper . He loves the cartoons. He`s older now but I still do at least one. :-) Love the material idea too. Grand daughter gets the pretty paper.

    Merry Christmas ,
    Rosa Marie

  2. Carla says

    However, if you are into couponing at all, you already have the newspapers and this is a great way to re-use them.

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