Handsome in Pink

Handsome in Pink is an online boutique that is creates adorable clothing designs for babies, adults and children and seeks to over turn some of the gender stereotypes that clothing tend to perpetuate.

I don’t know about you but buying clothing or my child has been VERY AGGRAVATING. Why are all boy clothes certain colors? Why do they always have violent imagery? I ask you… it’s so absurd.

Anyway, there are some cute designs available on the Handsome in Pink site. I’d also like to see some blue and green clothing covered in lovely flowers with some rhinestones and sparkles.

Pink and red firetrucks! Yay!

Racing Red Firetruck On Pink Long Sleeved Tee.


  1. Amy says

    I have both a son(11) and a daughter(8). My son could care less about clothes, but the girl-child? She thinks she’s 13yrs old and the clothes we see at the store aren’t helping. Why must they make such trampy clothing for little girls? Do you know they sell THONGS in little girl sizes??

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