Stitch – an app for inventory management from StitchLabs SF.

I love that there are so many apps coming out to help the small creative businesses out there. You may have gleaned from reading this blog that I help organize the annual Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs. One of our sponsors this year was stitchlabs, a company that builds a web based app to help small businesses track purchases and inventory and basically helps keep you organized.

One of the most terrifying (well, to me at least) aspects of trying to turn your creative life into a business is the business part and the being organized part. I was at a friend’s house recently and her entire entry hallway was filled (FILLED!) with boxes of inventory and I was a little bit aghast. Just think for a sec of all that goes into that… creation time, new idea time, selling and marketing time, customer relations time, post office and packaging time, tracking inventory and taxes time, etc. It’s clear that her business is taking off and that she may need to upgrade/rethink the tools she uses for her business.

While the Stitch app won’t go to the post office for you or deal with your immense hallway blocking inventory problems it WILL print out your postage labels, organize your product lines and spit out a beautiful tax doc all set to give to your accountant.

For a really good breakdown of the Stitch app go check out Willo O’Brien’s excellent post on the subject or check out the stitchlabs site for some excellent videos and info on their app and also to sign up for a free trial.

I’m really interested to hear what other apps you use (or wish existed) for your creative business.

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