Free! Weave App for Craft Businesses + 50$ Giveaway!

Intuit has a new iPhone app for business owners called Weave.

I have only just downloaded it and entered some things that need to happen for me this week. So far it has been easy to figure out and that is crucial for me. If I have to look at an app for more than like 30 seconds I don’t use it.

Right away I can see that for a contractor or crafter this is a pretty excellent and easy app. You can enter a project and add Todos (<– that's To Do, plural – and I find the new word todo sort of annoying and not real) and then you can add Income and expenses. I have a tendency to forget about or lose receipts and that sucks since if you forget or lose a receipt you don't get reimbursed. Weave will let me enter the expense into my project file right away. I always have my phone with me and I can see myself putting the receipt into my wallet and entering the amount into the app. Easy Peasy. and easy to look up afterwards. I wonder if I could take a photograph of a receipt at the same time in case I lose it… hmmm.

I won't use this as a calendar app for my usual day to day To Do list. I use google calendar and some other things to schedule my life. But for jobs I can see this being really useful.

Here is what they have to say for themselves:

“Weave is the productivity app designed for the creative business owner. Weave tracks your projects, income, expenses, daily tasks and most importantly, your time spent on doing what you love! Easy to use and accessible for all creatives no matter what stage your business is in. From start-up to established entrepreneur, weave will tie it all together and let you know what your next todo is. Quickly enter todos wherever you are and get alerts when you have an upcoming todo.

We’ve also heard back from a lot of moms who use this to track their sewing projects and help them mange their growing Etsy shops. I think it would be a great tool for the readers of your blog who want to manage their projects on the go. And all of it is completely FREE. Download at the iTunes Store Today!”

Intuit wants to make Weave a crafters go to productivity app. I’m really happy to see this kind of app aimed at a small business/ side business owner.

Do you own a small business? An Etsy shop? And an iPhone?

Steps to enter
Download this app from the iTunes Store for Free and give it a try.
Come back here and leave a comment telling me these three things:
1. Your business url or short business description.
2. What about this app looks good and useful for your business.
3. What would you like to see this app have in the future.
oh and make sure you leave an email address too.

Other contest rules:
– At least 10 comments must happen for the giveaway to be valid.
– Any comment that does not include all three bullet points will be disqualified.
– This contest will end Friday October 7th 2011 around 6:00pm Pacific time.
– At which time I will use a random number generator to choose a winner for the 50$ which will be mailed to you in a visa gift card format.

Okay! Have fun! Let’s see some comments!


  1. says

    2. I like the projects section and the expenses feature (keeping track is always such a struggle).
    3. I would like to see them spell To Do properly. I don’t like “To do” as one word and find it really annoying especially since Todos in Spanish means all … kind of makes me cringe a little bit.

  2. says


    handmade knit and sewn goods as well as natural body products.

    2. Mostly looks useful for keeping track of items i am working on. I tend to have numerous projects in motion with items i have picked up on sale to produce them. This will save me time by knowing what i have for each project and what it was intended for.

    3.More of a section specific for “inventory”. For me i purchase items then manufacture the items to sell with it. This didnt really look clear to me in this app but i have just started to play with it so….

  3. elena says

    Just downloaded and the app looks promising.
    My business is lampworked beads and jewelry.
    What looks useful is the ability to tie costs to individual aspects of a project, so for me, the cost of making a bead that later is added to a finished jewelry piece.
    What I’d like to see is the ability to assign a “wage” rate to my time, so if a bead takes 45 min to make, I can add the cost of my time to the cost of the bead by having a wage previously input and it will automatically calculate.

    Also, I am unclear as to what the contest is. The app was free (way cool!), so that isn’t it. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

  4. says

    1. I am a needlepoint author, designer & teacher and my company is Napa Needlepoint (

    2. Unlike most of the other productivity apps I’ve looked at, Weave seems really easy to use and I like that I can look at things in different ways.

    3. I have several clubs and classes that are sent out in parts. The clubs are a particular problem because they are monthly and include the same series of tasks each month. I’d love to set up a master for the club and then be able to duplicate it, without typing it all over agin for each month in the seres. For example, Stash Club November would have the same tasks as stash club December, but I would revise the due date for each month.

    That would be a HUGE help to me.

  5. says

    1. I am involved in a couple crafting businesses. and

    2. I like the expenses and income portions. I like the way the todo list is setup. I can see myself using this regularly.

    3. I agree with changing the spelling of to to. Being able to link my income, expenses, with tax information would be great. Having an inventory tracking option would also be great.

  6. Pamela says

    1. baby
    2. I often have multiple custom items from a single customer, and this will keep me so organized.
    3. I agree about the inventory suggestion.
    My email is thedaytontime at gmaildotcom

  7. ks sunflower says

    I downloaded the app for my husband because

    1. my husband is and art teacher, nearing retirement and wants to set up his own studio. However, he is so right-brained (creative) that anything that even smacks of paper-based organization leaves him cold which is problematic from a productivity and business standpoint. He loves technology so this is ideal.

    He will be working in crystalline ceramics which has a high failure rate, so keeping tracks of expenses is crucial to setting prices to cover those expenses. It will give him a visual boost and reduce my anxiety.

    2. Being able to track time, supply cost and number of units will be crucial to making sure his studio becomes more than just a hobby and actually enhances his retirement. That’s crucial because we will be living on a shoestring in this economy.

    The due dates feature is also appealing. He just missed a museum charity due date and had to donate a less impressive piece to be photographed for their catalog. Had he been able to enter the deadline and get a reminder alert, he would have positioned himself better in the local market because so many people see that catalog.

    3. For visually-oriented learners such as my husband, it would be great to have pie-charts relating to expenses, time, units, etc. so he could relate to the information quicker and easier. Just reading the info is not as effective for him as is seeing that info translated into images.

    I really like the straightforward and easy-to-use style of this app. That will ensure my husband will use and enjoy it. Thanks for cluing us in about it! We will need and appreciate every cost-saving and productivity aid we can get once he retires and sets up his studio.

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