Make your own bra – DIY bra kits

My mom thinks I should be wearing a D cup bra and mentions it to me often. I SWEAR I am wearing the correct size bra, a 36C. The thing is, my mom is super tiny and SHE wears a D cup so it makes sense that I, who am larger and thusly have bigger boobs, ought to be wearing a D cup too or even larger maybe.

But no, This is not how bra fitting works. Cup size is determined by a combination of number of inches your bust is and the DIFFERENCE between your boob measurement and your ribcage measurement. I have a wider ribcage and therefore a smaller cup size. Here is a handy online bra fitting calculator.

Here is a printable tape measure. and this is a pretty good explanation of bra fitting.

Anyway! Making a bra sounds like a fun proposition to me. Someday, I’ll do it.

Here’s a Threads article on the subject of bra making.

And sells kits that you can check out here:
Bra-makers Supply – Kits and Bundles.

Anyone out there reading make their own bra before?


  1. suzala says

    never made one either, but as a 33 DDD -H Let me give you the best tip anyone ever gave me…
    If you wear a 36D, Try a 34 DD instead. (go down a number and up a cup size) IT is the “same” size but will fit differently, and I bet you will prefer it. It makes you look narrower (thinner) without flattening you. Try a couple of styles to see what you think.Good luck!

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