Working with 100% wool felt vs. wool blend

I’m trying to make something out of felt. I happened to have a bunch of that acrylic craft felt hiding out in my fabric stash and so I started out last night trying to work with it. It’s fine. cheep feeling and seems like it would be a pain to sew and would rip easily. So I’ve decided to use this as my prototype.

Fist I had to decide if I should use 100% wool or a wool blend and also, where to go to get it. One of m local fabric stores sells 100% wool by the yard. I don’t need that much though! So I bought 10 sheets through an Etsy seller.

Here is what I found about working with 100% wool vs. a blend. People will strong advocate for either one and it seems like it might be a matter of preference, depend on the project and how much you want to spend.

I’m hoping that using 100% wool felt will mean that my final project won’t pill!

Old School Acres has a nice breakdown.

While surfing around Etsy i noticed this gorgeous Vintage Hankie Inspired Pincushion from The Daily Pincushion. If I didn’t already have about 400 pincushions I would totally want this!


  1. Liz Anderson says

    That’s a lovely picture of your felt. I’m afraid I might get caught up in the colors and textures and forget what I was intending them for!

    I’ve got 100% wool taste on an acrylic budget, so I’m of no use.

  2. says

    I have tried writing to the person in charge of the felting section several times, with no response. I would like to submit my site for the crafters of this site to learn about felting. Is there a reason I have never received an answer? Does it somehow not qualify to be linked on your site? If so, a simple 10 second email is not too much to ask.

  3. says

    So sorry about that! sometimes emails get lost or maybe that editor has a huge backlog of posts. who knows! I featured you today along with your cute felted dog coat! cheers.

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