Garden week! Egg carton seedlings.

IMG_6540I declare this garden week because we finally got our one little raised bed built and filled with dirt! Yay!

I let my kid scatter poppy and carrot seeds in designated areas and then we set about filling up our 8 million hoarded egg cartons with dirt and seeds.

I eat a lot of eggs so we have tons of egg cartons. Here in the SF Bay Area now is a fine time to plant your winter garden and other stuff too, it’s pretty mild here and we certainly don’t have to worry about a hard frost or anything.

Here’s how to make your seed starters out of egg carton:

– gather cartons and cut off tops
– use plastic wrap or plastic bags to line the tops
-use scissors to poke a hole in each egg cup
-fill bottoms with dirt and place into your plastic lined top
-read your seed packets to decide how deep to plant your seeds. a good rule of thumb is to plant your seed twice the depth of it’s longest dimension.
-cover seed with dirt and pat down (optional, but I like to do this)
-water and put in a warm place with sun until you get some seedlings!
-transplant when ready!

So easy a 3 year old can almost do it…

You can also use toilet paper rolls for seedling starters!


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