Neighborhood handmade and reuse stores

I was in Seattle this weekend for CCE (Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs) and one of the sponsors was a shop called NUBE Green right near the venue. I stopped in one day to see if they had a laptop sleeve or a good bag for my laptop as somehow I was there with no bag that fit the darned thing.

They had a great selection of handmade and reuse recycled products. They stock only green items and strive to include the work of Seattle artists in their store. You can shop at the NUBE Green store online!

They had some great stuff. one thing I wanted was the coasters made out of old street signs. I can’t find them on the online store but they were really cool. I also was surprisingly drawn to one of the rag rugs which I also do not see on the online store. It was a circle rug, not braided but instead made with like tags of scrap cloth. It was very neat.

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