Linux Girl Geeks Unite!

Hi! I do not use Linux. I have in the past but just would rather stick to my Mac until I need to get another computer job.

If you ARE a Linux geek than you probably use GIMP, which is open source photo editing software.

There is a plug-in called Cross-stitchify v2.1 that you can use to turn any photo into a cross stitch image. Fun!

Craftster member aethelberga made this most excellent Spock cross stitch. Jealous!

It’s pretty easy to make a cross stitch pattern out of a photo using Photoshop too. Here is a great tutorial for using Photoshop to make a cross stitch pattern.

Link to Star Trek cross stitch via wcopley’s twitter.


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    Oooh, thanks a bunch. I have been using another cross stitch program for some designing; will have to check this one out.

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