Leather Mustaches

Detail of mustaches

Originally uploaded by Crooked Sister

I still like mustache paraphernalia, I’ve liked ever since I saw that first “Free Mustache Rides” T-shirt back in 1992.

These leather mustache necklaces are cute and also look like a great way to use up tiny leather scraps.

Made by http://www.crookedsister.blogspot.com/
Her Etsy shop is on vacation for a bit: http://www.etsy.com/shop/crookedsister

I recently just decided to throw away all my scrap fabric. I couldn’t take it anymore, all those scraps were taking up an entire bin in my studio and it was haunting and taunting me. I always, always fall for the “but what if i need this tiny scrap someday?” ruse. So, of course, about 3 weeks after I threw away all my scraps (except for the very very best pieces) what should happen but that Someone asks me for all my scraps for a very good cause. *sigh*

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