The Cupcake Goddess is cracking me up – How to Make Your Eyes Glitter.

I’m a big fan of romance novels, mostly Georgette Heyer. She’s the badass of Romance and I highly recommend you read some of her books before you reject the entire idea of romance novels (The Grand Sophy is the best one. srsly). Yeah, they’re absurd. SO WHAT?! They are also absolutely delicious trash. If it weren’t freezing and about to rain I would grab a romance novel, a diet coke and some chocolate and take them out side to read in the sun while lying on the grass wearing a floppy hat. Ahhhh summer, where art thou?

Sunni over at the Cupcake Goddess recently picked up and read her first romance novel. It inspired her to figure out just how to get her eyes to glitter in the romantic, sultry, in love way of the heroine in her novel.

She gets down to it a practical way plus includes some awesome romance novel cover (with her as the heroine) photographs.

How to Make Your Eyes Glitter Part 1
How to Make Your Eyes Glitter Part 2
How to Make Your Eyes Glitter Part 3

I’m feeling inspired to make myself a nice color chart like the one Sunni made. I often find myself in the fabric store just buying all the stuff I think is cute and not necessarily what will look good on me (see: in progress quilting cotton bird dress. ugh!).

Visit her blog here and her Etsy pattern shop here.


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    Oh thank you for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed the inspiration so much! And yes, Harlequins are simply silly, but are best read when wear a floppy glamorous, wearing a sultry bathing suit and lying in the sun.


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