Trinket keepers tutorial by Amazing Mae

This is a cute tutorial for making kid friendly bags. My kid is now getting to the stage where he wants to bring stuff with him or collect things. The big eyelets and carabeener are a great idea.

I woud construct it differently though, I’ve never been able to make a bag and a lining match up, not sure what my problem is… SO my method is to sew an outer piece and a lining piece together, do that again and then match them up and sew up each side and the bottom of the outside pieces and then turn inside out and sew the lining bottom.

Anyhoo, the best part of this was Amazing Mae’s links to this Craftster Tutorial on how to make any fabric run through an ink jet printer. Alum! We all knew it was going to be good for something besides sizing watercolor paper but we didn’t know for what until now! The tut is by queenofdiy on Craftster.

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