How to photograph your indie crafts

lightbox01There is a lot of talk about how to display your hand crafted items for sale. It’s important that first glance at a photo of your crafts. If your photo is too visually cluttered people can pass it by and you want to grab peoples attention and then keep it long enough for them to see your product, where they can buy it and what your name is.

For small items a lightbox is a great way to get a soft, difused, uncluttered photo that really showcases the product and not it’s surroundings. You can buy and expensive one from photography stores and you can also make one on the cheap and get great results.

there are tons of good DIY lightbox tutorials on the web and here are just a few that I have found.

Strobist has a DIY 10$ Macro Photo Studio tutorial that steps it out for you ad gets great results.

This DIY light tent tutorial from Digital Photography School looks similar.

Cheap Shooter has made a lighbox from PVC pipe.

I guess it depends on what you have lying around!

you can see peoples results in this flickr pool DIY Lightbox Addicts. OO, here is a flickr pool for other DIY photography equipment! I love the internet!


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    I LOVE this idea of DIY light boxes.. My daughter and I made a smaller version at home for our smaller items, ie ipod cozies and jewelry and will be posting those up in our etsy store within the month. Very handy and easy to make! It’ll easily change the look of your photos-for the better =P

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