Camping play quilt

playquilt_rect540I saw this camping play quilt on the other day. I want one but don’t really want to make it make it myself! I’m so swamped with other things my kid will be 16 before I ever get around to it.

I really like this sort of play landscape. Not that you can use the ACTUAL landscape for the same purpose. When I was kid not only did I walk to school uphill both ways but I had to play with my toys on the GRASS and use Kleenex for parachutes, tents, cat outfits and saddle blankets. Oy! The hardship!

I couldn’t figure out who made it though. The article on Ohdeedoh just named someone named Kerri but didn’t say who that was.

Regardless, it is adorable and if there was ever one for sale I would buy it.

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