Keep Calm and Sew Stuff at Urban Threads

keepcalmI now have about 3 ‘keep calm’ things in my house and that doesn’t include one of the original type posters that say Keep Calm and Carry On.

I want this “Keep Calm and Sew Stuff” patch from Urban Threads but I’m suddenly confused by the website. Do I have to have an embroidery machine? Am I just buying the design or can I buy the already made patch? I fear, for me who has no embroidery machine, that I can only buy the design. Ugh! Darn it! Now I need a serger AND an embroidery machine.

This is what Etsy Alchemy is for!


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    Hey — So glad you like it!

    Everything for sale on Urban Threads is a digital download — machine embroidery designs, hand embroidery PDFs, and digital stock art JPGs.

    I suspect patches or totes with this one may show up on Etsy soon… 😉

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