First order of business: Gnomes.

gnomesWhat’s the best crafters crack you can think of? For me it is the Hancock’s of Paducah fabric catalog. Vim comes running in waving it over his head whenever it arrives in our mailbox, sometime’s it’s good for the WTF? factor and sometimes for the omgosh I need that right now rush.

Let’s start with the new Michael Miller Flower Garden line. What’s in a flower garden? GNOMES, of course! There are three new gnome fabrics and all of them are cracking me up.

donutsandteaMore from Michael Miller: Doughnuts and tea. You can’t go wrong and I’m pretty sure my brain has decided to go get doughnuts tomorrow. I guess I’ll go along with it.

decoRobert Kaufman has some new fabrics designed by Robin Pickens called Deco Park. Her color choices are amazing and these remind me of stained glass windows.

The Apple line designed by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures. Whoo! The Cream Orchard Owls fabric, Dotted Daisy and Fashion Apples all are great fabrics with a vintagey 70’s feel.


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    lol, a good thing i have not seen this catalog! the gnomes cracked me up! My aunt and i love gnomes but they freak my mother in law out big time! she thinks they are creepy. So about 5 years ago my daughter and i started a tradition, we find a cheap, truly ugly gnome statue and hide it somwehere in her garden. We do this each summer and wait to see how long till she finds it. Of course she threatens to hide them in our yard but we have yet to actually come across any.

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