free felt food pattern round up

chopchopI’ve still not made one single piece of felt food for my kid. I’m embarrassed how my interests go in these unfulfilled cycles because here I am again searching the internet for good felt food patterns.

You know those wooden Melissa and Doug food sets? I remember my nephew had the set where you cut the foods apart and stick them back together with velcro. Andie, the blogger at American Felt and Crafts blog has a great free felt food pattern for cut up veggies. She also has a ton of other tutorials and a Felt 101 that looks very comprehensive.

Chips_and_sandwichSnazzlecraft has a good pattern for a felt sandwich and bag of chips. Be warned: that site has awful music playing in the background. To turn it off scroll to the bottom of the page.

You could start simple with Make and Takes felt sugar cookies. Tey have a nice variety of cookie types.

And olive juice and co has a nice stuffed fabric eggs pattern.

Obviously you can make up your own patterns with real food as your inspiration. Sushi would be a good one!


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    Aww….the music on my site isn’t “awful” LOL. But I am sick of it so it will be off this week until further notice. It’s starting to drive even me crazy (but it surely isn’t awful!!) 😛

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    aw! I’m sorry. It’s not your MUSIC taste. It’s that I usually have my own soundtrack on and then to suddenly have a tab open SOMEWHERE that is playing music makes me crazy. I ended up having to quit my browser to figure out which site was doing it!

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