Make your own… A Borrowers zine

borrowersI liked the Borrowers quite a bit when I was a kid. I think it was the illustrations of their house that I loved the most. TangleCrafts has this super adorable Borrowers Zine. You can make it yourself! It sounds incredibly detailed with all kids of surprises.

Here’s an excerpt from her description:

This is a zine within a zine with some extra bits! ‘Make your own…Borrowers Zine’ has 20 A5 (half-sized) pages, plus a micro-zine & rescued page inserts (see below), a magnifying lens, an embroidery chart, not to mention a pair of miniature knitting needles modelled on Homily’s own! There are illustrations throughout, borrowed from the many different editions of ‘The Borrowers’ that have been published, over the years.

Based on the premise that Borrowers do, in fact, exist (there is yet to be a satisfactory alternative suggestion proposed for the consistent disappearance of small, everyday items), this zine traces the history of Borrowers from Lilliputian times onward in a comprehensive chronology. It also examines their representation in the literature of Mary Norton & others, and consideration is given to the most likely habitats for contemporary Borrowers.

Go read the whole description on the Etsy listing. It sounds so worth 10$!

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