The geek in me – mini tools and such

levelnecklace1For whatever reason I googled ‘ tiny level necklace‘ this morning. What?! It’s funny, wearing a level necklace is. I found geek after my own heart in YOUnGEEK on Etsy.

I love tiny things and I love surprises. I am a huge spy fan and I wish I could work with Q and outfit James Bond agent 007 with neat little gadgets. I often wonder to myself, what would MacGyver do? What tools would he love to have on hand? I love miniaturizing useful tools and wear them unsuspectingly. If something is useful to me, I will try to find it or make it as small as I can and put it on a necklace or ring.

I like the mini salt and pepper earrings, the levels and the Mini Working Harmonica Necklace with Tiny Music Stand and Ity Bity Sheet Music


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