Super cute window privacy film

emmajeffsThis privacy film is a great alternative to frosted glass or stained glass. It’s pretty and it let’s the light in without people being able to look in easily and it’s removable!

Designer Emma Jeffs has some great designs. Her Adorn series of window film is vintage-y and modern looking at the same time.

Easy to install, these pretty coloured window films have no repeat pattern, therefore can be cut to size at any point on the roll. No careful lining up required as with normal
wallpaper, you will create your own unique installation!

Her website is having a sale and I bet there are all kinds of other crafty things you could do with that window film.


  1. […] One of the weird things about the house is that the apartment building next door is like RIGHT THERE. It’s like 2 feet away and so you can hear people talking in their parking area or along the hallways and it sounds like they are in your house. So that’s kinda creepy. New insulated windows is the answer. also, privacy film. […]

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