Duct tape fabric and other useful things – like prom dresses!

duct tape prom dressDon’t ask me why I was looking up duct tape fabric because I can’t remember exactly but I found this site called The Duct Tape Club that has so many fun looking duct tape crafts. Duct tape comes in so many fun colors now you can make some pretty cute things or you can go retro with the basic silver.

You can make something pretty and decorative, like this rose, or you can make something useful like these duct tape tie (father’s day is getting close!).

OMG. They have a duct tape prom outfit contest every year! They announce the winners of this year on July 9th but you can go look at all the entries and they are FANTASTIC! The girl pictured above knit her dress out of hand spun duct tape ‘yarn’. I bow down to her.

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