Where to get custom stickers for your indie craft business

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People love stickers and they especially love FREE stickers.

Back in the day I remember being so so happy when I found some colored sticker paper that I could run through the copiers at Kinko’s to make stickers that said “F**K WORK” (except with out the astrics) or “OBEY your Television”. There was no internet, well, there was…but it didn’t offer jack as far as finding printers for stickers at affordable prices.

I’ve used two vendors – The Sticker Guy and Sticker Junkie an both are reasonably priced, timely and good quality.

Sticker Junkie actually ends up being more expensive but they have a handy dandy little flash sticker builder on their site – so if you just need text and can use one of their stock images then you may want to just go with them.

If you’re comfortable in Adobe Illustrator and want a fancier, cheaper sticker with more size and color options than Sticker Guy might be for you.

Now, I would love to hear about other vendors people have used.

The internet provides me with these possibilities:
Sticker Giant – This looks okay but frankly theiur site sucks and is kind of confusing.

Zazzle – I’ve used zazzle for business cards and I like them. They’re FAST.

123 Stickers – Could be okay but really? Email for prices? No, I crave instant gratification and do not want to have to actually have contact with another human being.

Sticker Robot – They look good! They’ll do a hole punch and a kiss cut (awesome if you’re using them for tags), plus they’ll die cut and give you an instant quote.

What else have y’all found?


  1. justin trapman says

    i’ve used most of the businesses mentioned.

    http://stickerjunky.com is cool for the fact that they let you build stickers on their site (good for an idea of how they look), but they spam their add on the front of your stickers.

    http://stickerobot.com has the best quality stickers bar none. you’ve probably seen the obama shepard fairey stickers they produced.

    and http://stickerguy.com is old school. they been around forever. cool guys and good stickers, but up to a 2 month turnaround… but you can’t beat 100 stickers for $20 !!!

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