Sharpie Art – Paintings and Drawings and T-Shirts!

If you have 4 minutes or so check out this sharpie art video. It’s Harold and the Purple Crayon meets er.. someone with a sharpie. While I was watching it I was annoyed that they were so focused in but then at the end it’s clear why.

I can’t remember why I was searching for Sharpie art but I also came across this cute Sharpie Tie Dye Tutorial.

001_sharpieAnd Unfocused Brain has some cool black and white and color drawings done from photographs. beautiful!

johnclarkAnd John Clark on Etsy does these wonderful sharpie paintings on pages of old books, the way he incorporates some text from the page is pretty neat.

Justine Ashbee does huge and gloriously flowing Sharpie paintings.


  1. Carmen says

    Oh good find! These are amazing – I’ve added John Clarke to my favourites on etsy – I may have to treat myself one day. His art is inspiring. I must have a bash at Sharpie art myself after seeing this.

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