Plate it forward – Interesting!

plateitforwardOkay this isn’t exactly my style… but I do remember giving my teachers a plate of chocolate chip cream cheese cookies every Christmas and it would have been cute to make a little plate cover. The aesthetic of saran wrap over a paper plate always made me feel very UNFANCY. If I had made a jaunty little plate cover with fabric covered with  polar bears wearing party hats then I would have felt better.

As an adult I am pretty sure I would never make one of these for another adult but I would definitely make one for my kid to give to someone.

This group of people have made a bunch of plate covers and numbered them and have a whole blog, Pass it on Plates, to follow them around as they get sent from person to person. And they somehow work it out to donate to charity for each plate sent, actually, I’m not super clear on how it works, even their FAQ is confusing.

This was found in the craftgossip flickr pool.


  1. Stephanie Russell says

    yum Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies. Sounds fabulous actually :)I think that it’s cool that you can track where your gift goes.

  2. says

    Hi! Thank you for featuring our Pass It On Plates. We’re honored to be mentioned at Craft Gossip.

    True, while this may not be the ideal gift for everyone to give, there are some folks who are having fun with it. I plan to give one to each of my daughter’s teachers at the end of this school year. A local bakery is packing up their cookies on it so the teachers know they’re good. :)

    You’re right, though, about our FAQ. I took a fresh look at it today and realized it is confusing. Thank you for pointing it out – I guess it’s time for a FAQ re-write.

    Basically each plate has a tracking number on it and if you click the link in the post above, you’ll see each numbered plate’s diary. There you can read the comments each person has left as the plate traveled from person to person. (And yes, with every new Plate Diary comment made, we donate a portion of the sale from that plate to charity.)

    Thanks again for the feature!
    Cheers –
    Pam Hawk
    Pass It On Plates

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