Bookshelf Design – The Good, The Awesome and The Ugly

I have a lot of books, although in the past 5 years or so I have reduced the amount by at least 50%. Sad! But I was moving often and often into small apartments and if you’ve ever moved yourself with about 30,000 boxes of books you know how annoying/impossible/depressing it is. My problem these days is finding a place for my books that looks nice ad not all messy and horrible. Bookshelves really can look awful, RE: these are nice shelves but they look awful and messy.mybookshelf

I yearn for the perfect bookshelves.

A couple of years ago Adobe Bookshop in SF let artist Chris Cobb arrange their 20,000 books by color for a piece he called There’s Nothing Wrong in the Whole Wide World. It was amazing! My friend Barak Yedidia took some lovely photographs of it.

When I first moved in to my current place my husband and I had plans to put up shelves along our 20ft high front wall and were going to install a rolling library ladder but somehow we never did…

bookshelfsean-yoo-opus-1I love these honeycomb Opus Incertum book shelves designed by Sean Yoo. Someday I will own one.

There are a lot of lovely, useful and crafty solutions for dealing with books. Look at this bookcase staircase over at Web Urbanist!

round-strange-bookcase-designsAnd then there is this round bookcase showcased over at dornob. I love it!

Proof! you can have a lot of books and display them nicely. I would be interested to hear about other peoples bookcase triumphs and disasters!

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  1. Sarah says

    I love the last pictured bookshelf! I’m so confused though, about where one might actually be able to get it? I looked at the Dornob web site but it’s my first time to that site, and I couldn’t find the needed information.

    I love my book collection and would love to display it in such a creative way!

  2. secondry school student says

    i think that some of the desighns displayed on your site are really cool and have helped me get better inspiration for my final desighnin wood work

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