Yes, but can you beat a couch that has sheep and ducks?

country kitchen couch.Ugly couch contest… I’m sure all of us couls have won this at least at some point in our lives. Just recently we got rid of a green couch with sheep, dogs, ducks (of various kinds), roosters and bunnys all over it, not to mention the pond, trees and barn sort structure.

Anyway… Simply Spray is having a contest in which you send in a picture of your ugly couch. Click here for details and pictures of the horrendous couches that have been entered already.

The thing is.. Simply Spray appears to be a _spray_ that you can use on your ugly couch to make it (supposedly) less ugly. I’m not buying it. Their “AFTER” picture looks disturbingly like a … no, I can’t say it… but you can go look at it here and submit your hideous couch too.


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    Interesting… I suppose the couch paint could have possibilities… But why not just sew a “couch cozy”?
    BTW, I like that thing in the picture πŸ˜€ Makes me want to knit and felt or cross-stitch myself something similar πŸ˜‰

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    i know! that couch with the sheep and ducks was pretty rad. It wasn’t UGLY so much as just very silly. I sewed red thread eyes on some of the dogs. Also, we put it on casters so that we could roll it outside to lounge in the sun. i miss that couch!

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