Are you a Lookiloo?

I met Sheila Bernus Dowd at the She’s Geeky conference last week and while we were eating lunch and talking about bee keeping she told me about her new site Lookiloos.

Are you a Lookiloo?

You love your home, not just for what it is, but for what you know it can become. You have read “Under the Tuscan Sun” and are convinced that the greatest dinner parties are only a remodel away. Peeking into other people’s homes gives you design ideas, but it also feeds your secret fantasies _ and there’s nothing wrong with a good fantasy. You brake for open houses.

The Lookiloos Mission

To indulge the inner Lookiloo in all of us – to inspire creativity and satisfy curiosity by showcasing great architecture, landscapes, design and decor. To connect Lookiloos with home improvement and real estate-related resources and events. And to provide a community forum to share advice, insights and stories of home.

They list open homes and have a great section of interview tour videos where people talk about their favorite spaces and show you around. There are so many things to explore on this site! It’s the ultimate stalker design whore’s dream, so go check out the Lookiloo’s site!


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    Hey Laura,
    Thanks for the shout out! Love your site too:) I am going to try to hit up that fabric sale – your site is definitely right up my alley and perfect for our crafty-whores:) LOL!
    Great meeting you,

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