Turning Mollie into Maulie – An Evil Scientist Lab Project

I was reading somewhere that Wells Fargo was doing some EXTREMELY dumb marketing ploy like “open a bank account and get a free stuffed pony!” WHEEEE WHOOOOO. I mean, WOW. the marketing genius who came up with that should get a medal, or a dog biscuit or a dog biscuit shaped like a medal or a medal shaped like a dog biscuit. I can’t decide.

The only possible answer to such dumbness is to break into the bank and transform all the plushies into ZOMBIE plushies, we can then let the zombie Maulies rise up and storm the castle gates.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (Making the world a better place, one mad scientist at a time) has a great step by step, nicely detailed tutorial on how to go about turning your Mollie plushie into a Maulie plushie. It’s all about how to unstitch the head and replace the eyes with LEDs and how to insert the control thingies, etc.

This Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is one of my new favorite sites.

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