Let’s make something – 8 weeks of super cute!

What a cute idea! I love this online craft class idea. Take two popular bloggers and purveyors of cut, mix them together, add an exclusive web site, chats and crafts and TA DAA! You have 8 weeks of super cute delivered to your door.

Here is the description of the class designed by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Rachel of Bling on My Sewing Machine

This is an 8 week class by Rachel Denbow & Elsie Flannigan. We are teaching this class together. There are projects by each of us and many that we have developed together!
The class begins February 15th and lasts for 8 full weeks. There are a total of 30 projects that are spread out evenly over the 8 weeks. The class is hosted on a private blog that only students can see. It’s a lot of fun and a great way for us to get to know each other! Each project includes lots of photos & step-by-step instructions (PDFs are included for projects with patterns!).

This list of projects looks pretty delectable but also a bit daunting. Do they have nothing else to do?!? Like breathe? or EAT?

Project List
(so you know all of the *fun* you are in for!!!)
1. Color Me Happy Rainbow Scrapbook
2. ‘X Marks the Spot’ Picnic Blanket
3. Felt Teepee Village
4. ‘Hide them Here’ Journal Covers
5. Not Your Grandma’s Doily Throw
6. Spring Buds Jersey Scarf
7. Family Portrait Felt Wall Art
8. Panda Bear Plushie
9. Paint Your Own Pillow
10. Say Cheese Embroidered Photo Art
11. Sorbet Surprise Needlepoint Art
12. Don’t Be Shady Felt Sunglasses Case
13. Happy Thrifties (Tips & Tricks for Reworking & Remaking Vintage Clothing!)
14. Vintage Tray Calendar
15. Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial
16. Springtime Apron Pattern
17. I Heart Handmade Mobile
18. Tank Tops + Doilies = True Love
19. Textile Reconstructions from Flea Market Finds
20. Color Block Chair Cushions
21. Plushie Sewing Machine & Camera Doll Patterns!
22. Small Space Makeover Tutorial
23. Cherry Blossom Spring Garland
24. Protect Your Adult Furniture with Embroidered Linen Coasters
25. Perfect for Spring Broach Patterns
26. Shiny Shoes Makeover
27. Wood Grain Wall Art
28. Fancy Dress Doily Necklace
29. Use It Or Lose It Patchwork Pillow
30. 40 Brand New Embroidery Designs by the Red Velvet Girls!!!

I’m tempted to sign up! It’s only 60$ and right now I feel VERY motivated to help out the entrepreneurs in teh craft world. You can find the link for the paypal button on either blog. Here is the post on Bling on My Sewing Machine. The other cool thing about this is that IT WONT SELL OUT because there is no reason for there to be a class limit. Supplies are supplied by the student so many people can participate and add to the experience. I think that’s great!


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    I am currently taking this online class with Rachel and Elsie and loooove it. It is one of the best things I have done for myself in years. Do you know of any other online classes like this one?? I have been searching everywhere and haven’t had any luck, please help!

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