Sale! High quality kid’s apparel from Whimsical Walney

The kids t-shirts at Whimsical Walney are beautifully designed and made from really nice thick sturdy SOFT cotton. The designs come in English or Spanish and say things like “I’m a sailor” or “Soy Piloto” and sport very colorful pictures designed to attract kids.

All of her products really take her company philosophy to heart.

Established in 2004, Whimsical Walney Inc. designs products that let children play. From outdoor blankets that keep them safe from UV rays and the elements to clothing that teaches them new words and concepts, each piece is meant to foster a child’s sense of wonder and adventure.

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste therefore Whimsical Walney strives to produce pieces that support all levels of play.

Unfortunatly, CPSIA will be putting this lovely company out of business.The owner is selling her current inventory at 50% off. That’s an amazing deal for these high quality shirts! I love the long sleeve ones and the ringers!

Check out her Use Your Words series here and her Flags of the World series here.

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