Forget sock monkeys let’s do sock MONSTERS!


Originally uploaded by Swiedebie

I have to admit it *prepares to duck* I don’t like sock monkeys all that much. I KNOW! But they’re so cute, everyone loves a sock money.

But could you really truly in your heart of hearts choose a sock monkey over this stripey sock monster?!

If you said yes than you are lying or haven’t read the description that comes with it:

Jorgo likes hanging around your candie corners looking/snooping for candies. Look at his white sharp teeth. Harmless they are… no worries. Keep them brushed 2 times

Do not be deceived by his fierce look, he has a big heart for kids.

I like my toys to imbued with _some_ personality but not too much so that I can still have some fun imagining. Swiedebie walks that line perfectly for me, her monsters have a cute name and just a short bio giving you a hint of what you are in for.


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