Hula Hoop DVD Giveaway – When was the last time you tried a hula hoop?

Comment on this post to wina free copy of this hula hooping DVD!

A couple of years ago I took a hula hooping class and it was super fun. The trick is to have a hoop that is adult sized, hooping is way harder than it has to be and uncomfortable with a kid sized hoop you buy at a toy store.

I made a bunch of hoops using this tutorial by JasonUnbound. I highly recommend using the 1/2 inch pipe instead of the 3/4, the 3/4 ones gave me huge bruises! They’re fun to make and you can buy fun glittery tape to decorate them or just use duct tape or electrical tape.

Anyway! I have an extra copy of the HoopGirl Hulaerobics DVD and I’d like to give it away to a lucky reader! You’ll have to make your own hoop though! Or you can buy adult sized hoops online as well, HoopGirl sells them and I’m sure you can find them in other places as well.

Enter the contest to win the HoopGirl Hulaerobics Workout DVD by laving a comment (say anything you want!) on this post! The contest runs until Jan 23 2009 and I will announce the winner on Monday Jan 26 2009.

Good Luck!


  1. says

    dude, my mom told me i needed to lose 5lbs over the holiday. i need this video to inpire a return to hooping and loss of … ok, just to re-inspire my hooping. :-)

  2. Mindy says

    I haven’t used a hoop in 30 years. I saw Marisa Tomei on the Ellen show. It looks like fun!

  3. Jillian says

    i love hula hooping! i bought a huge one at a music festival last summer, but it isn’t really practical for everyday use. it would be awesome to make one myself and use it with this dvd!

  4. lynnivere says

    This sounds like so much fun!

    I’ve been lovin’ my rebounder but the Hula Hoop is lookin’ pretty good. =D

  5. Carolyn Mabry says

    I agree. I prefer 100 psi, 1/2 inch tubing also. They also make 100 psi 3/4 inch tubing which I like for great big groove hoops, which are great for on-the-body hooping. How they’re wrapped also matters. Gaffer’s tape is much grippier than electrical. Hockey tape is pretty good too though the colors aren’t as bright. It’s easier to work with though.

  6. says

    Christabel has a heart of gold and a creative mind. She truly is a joyologist and know show to make you feel good and look great! I really appreciate her dedication to the hooping community for all she does~!

  7. Laura says

    When I was a kid I couldn’t hula hoop! Maybe on my knees or neck but the waist just wasn’t happening. It seems so simple, but so awesome

  8. Debbie says

    Wow! “Hula-hooping” on the Wii Fit has made me want to try real hula-hooping! This would be a great opportunity!

  9. says

    I’m going to add to Laura’s generous offer by donating a hoop to whoever wins the DVD! If that’s okay with Laura, that is!

    Laura, I can either mail it directly to whoever wins or I can send it to you (and then you can send it on if you want to keep the winner’s info private).

    I started hooping two years ago and it is SO fun! It’s almost impossible to hoop without smiling and laughing! Getting in shape is just another great side effect!

    Good luck!

  10. says

    I love hooping. I have been doing it for 2 years. Hoopers are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Try it. It is the best dance/exercise in the world!

  11. Terri says

    I’m too lazy and impatient to tape – I scuff the inside of my hoop with sandpaper to make it “stick.” :] Thanks for sharing the DVD, that’s really nice!

  12. says

    I’ve been wanting this, but cannot convince the DH to let me buy it. He will have no qualms if I win it!!

  13. Cuz says

    I saw some people hula hooping in the park – it looked like so much fun! I must try this, even if I don’t win the DVD.

  14. Wendy says

    Hooping, for me, has been life altering. I’ve been hooping for over a year now and haven’t looked back. 14 lbs lighter and with a much higher spirit, I highly recommend that everyone take up hoopdance and experience the freedom it gives you! I even have my mom hooping now! Spread the circle, ladies!

  15. jane says

    Ooo i would love to see that DVD, sounds really fun.

    Jillian, if you have a hoop that is too big you can probably make it smaller by pulling it apart at the joiner and cutting a segment of one end, then join it back together.

  16. Jesus says

    Hi Christabel,

    I moved to Florida and will miss SF, and that awesome workshop you taught when the Japanese men were in the workshop.
    I have gain a few pounds and I know one week with your DVD the extra pounds will be gone.

    Keep shinning bright corazon,

  17. Angela Cisco says

    I didn’t realize that people were doing this and that there was a dvd.I bought a hula hoop last summer and used it every night. My husband and friends thought I was weird but I loved it until it broke. I didn’t realize you could make your own.
    angelacisco at

  18. Leslie D. says

    Ah, the hoola hoop. One of my favorite pastimes. I have not heard of this DVD. Great idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Wendy Wallach says

    This sounds like a fun way to get some muc h needed exercise, especially during these long, cold winter months.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  20. jen f. says

    yay hooping!! i love that you’re doing this. i’m a new hooper and i’m completely obsessed! i have the hoopgirl beginner video and would love to give this one a try too. thanks!

  21. Lola says

    I love hooping, and getting others to start hooping. I’ve made hoops for many friends and family members, but I haven’t been able to spend much time teaching them. I’d like to get an instructional video that I can lend out to encourage others to dance in the hoop.


  22. Cameo C. says

    I love hula hooping, I would love to hoop at club, concerts and teach in the future! Christabel is so inspiring!


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