Craft on Cue – a craft supply lending library

Well, here’s a great idea – a craft supply lending library called Craft on Cue. The lending library is set up on a membership basis, so you pay a month fee and get a certain number of ‘points’ that go towards craft items that you can borrow and keep for as long as you like and you always have the option to buy.

This is a great idea. I know I’m not the only one who has started a project and then realized that I don’t have all the equipment I needed and ended up at the craft store spending WAY too much money just to get one measly project done. I think her price is reasonable for the amount of work she has to do to have this business but at the end of a years worth of monthly fees I really might as well have purchased my own supplies.

I would like to see something like this locally. If I could stop by my local craft lending library, like the tool lending libraries in Berkeley, it would be more worth my while.

Either way, I applaud this craft lending library! She has a great selection of books, DVD’s, cutting and measuring supplies, quilting, stamping and a whole range of other things.

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