Free felt food pattern at buggabuggs!

I’m really really wanting some felt food but I have never sewed a felt anything before. I’m going to try out the pasta pattern I posted from one inch world and then I am going to move on to more complicated things. Oh, speaking of one inch world, she just posted a really cute tutorial for making your own felt tomato slice.

Etsy is rife with felt food patterns and Buggabuggs has a wide variety from fruit with individual pieces to a full on chinese take out meal to a cute little pizza in a box with a ton of toppings.

If you write a blog post about buggabuggs and let her know or if you sign up for her mailing list you can receive a free pattern for her strawberries (a smart promo tactic!)!

You can also find grerat patterns for free and for sale all over the web. On craftster bperrry042 posted some of her patterns and she also sells her felt food and you can find a price list on her blog.

And The Keeper of the Cheerios has a great list of free felt food patterns and ones for sale from around the web. I love other people’s lists!


  1. Katee says

    Thanks for the info! My twin girls LOVE their felt food! We live in Scottsdale AZ and I found the greatest felt food kits from the popcorn tree. American Felt and Craft has a few available on their site!

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