Poladroid – make your photos look like Polaroids!

Nothing can quite compare to the instant thrill of a real Polaroid.

If you are not like me and haven’t stored up about 47 thousand boxes of polaroid film then you can just use this handy dandy tool that turns any digital photo into a polaroid replica!

Poladroid is a cute, fun, free tool you can download to make your digital pictures look like original polaroids. I like this because you can mess with the photo before hand, turning up the contrast or bumping the colors up.

Omg, it’s so fun. It makes the little noise and you have to watch it develop!

I can’t stop making them and now desktop is littered with Poloriods and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. Ha.


  1. tanesha says

    When i first got this i didn’t know how to delete the polaroids either, but i learnt that the only way for them to be deleted is to close the actual polaroid. Click the little red cross which is attached to the cartoon polaroid camera :)

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